Launch-n-Go 2.5.0

A text inserter, program launcher, keyboard shortcut manager & desktop toolbar

Save time and eliminate errors with Launch-n-Go's text inserter. Type important text once, and paste it into any email, document, or web form. Speed your way through online forms, and type account numbers and passwords flawlessly. Save countless hours and keystrokes on repetitive typing!

Or use the smart Auto replace feature. Define a keyword say "contact" for the contact information that you always have to type in emails or documents. Now anywhere you want to type contact information, just type #contact and the entire text will be typed for you. By defining few keywords you can type 1000's of words in just few seconds.

To use Launch-n-Go as a program launcher, simply assign a hotkey or keyword to any document, folder, program, or website. Use the Launch-n-Go toolbar to access your choice instantly. With a single keystroke, you can access your most important spreadsheet, play your favorite song, or visit your website of choice.

Launch-n-Go's search gives you Internet search results, without opening a web browser. You can use one or more popular Internet search engines to get stock quotes, weather reports, sports scores, and whatever information interests you.

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